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Thompson Cigar – Cohiba and Friends Sampler

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Thompson Cigar - Cohiba and Friends Sampler

Item: 981555

What did you get your Old Man last Father’s Day? Socks? A funky tie? Come on, you can do better than that… this year get dear ole’ Dad something he’ll actually enjoy! Our Cohiba & Friends Sampler includes nine premium long filler cigars – CAO Criollo, CAO Gold Maduro, Toraño Virtuoso, Cusano 18 Maduro, V.S.O.P., Gurkha Master Select, Rocky Patel Vintage 1999, Camacho Coyolar, and Perdomo Lot 23 – and is guaranteed to provide Pops with countless hours of smoking pleasure! This celebrated collection of brand name smokes is yours for only $29.95, a 55% savings off of MSRP! But wait, there’s more! Order soon and we’ll throw in one world-renowned Cohiba for FREE!

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Bumpits – Volumized Hair in Seconds – Get 2 Free Mini Bumpits!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Bumpits Volumized Hair in Seconds - Get 2 Free Mini Bumpits!

Bumpits Hair Inserts are self gripping, gives you instant volume, and lets you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a professional salon. Available in 4 shades for a perfect match.

Bumpits – Get Full Volumized Hair

Go from flat to fabulous with Bumpits. These self gripping, leave-in volumizing hair inserts give you instant volume. Feel beautiful and confident like you just stepped out of a salon. Create dozens of hairstyles from casual to elegant.

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Ronco Knife Set – 25 Free Knives!

Monday, May 25th, 2009

All The Knives You will Ever Need. Buy One Get One FREE! Thats 50 Knives! Get a FREE Solid Flavor Injector with each Set of Knives.

All The Knives You’ll Ever Need. Buy One Get One FREE! That’s 50 Knives! Get a FREE Solid Flavor Injector with each Set of Knives.

Get a FREE Solid Flavor Injector with each Set of Knives Use the solid flavor injector to inject nuts, herbs, olives, pineapple chunks, fresh or dried fruits, hot peppers, vegetable pieces, candy, chocolate chips (and just about anything else you can think of) into hams, leg of lambs, pork loin, roasts, turkey, breasts, cupcakes, cakes, and pastries.

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Quiznos Q Club – $4 Off Coupon

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

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Patch Genie – Free Offer!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Patch Genie - Free Offer!

Patch Genie is formulated with special white seeds coated with Water Gard technology that allows for Fast Healthy Germination! Plus, each seed is also protected by mulch to absorb water, and prepare the area for maximum growth! Plus, Patch Genie is even designed to keep animals away!

Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1: Sprinkle Patch Genie where you need it.

Step 2: Water the area.

Step 3: Walk away and let Patch Genie work it’s magic!

Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on sod, straw and fertilizer. Patch Genie is the revolutionary seed that grows thick green grass in 7 days. It’s formulated with special white seeds coated in Water Gard technology that allows for an execrated, healthy germination. It also helps pet urine spots disappear.

Cover 240 sq feet and 400 bare spots, but wait – order now and we’ll double your order at no charge. Free Trial

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 - 7 Day Free Trial

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Slim Fast – Free Weight Loss Program

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

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IntraCleanse – Risk Free Trial!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Get a Flatter Tummy! And a Cleaner, Healthier Body! Purify, Cleanse, Look Better, Feel Better! Try it Risk Free Today!

Get a Flatter Tummy! And a Cleaner, Healthier Body! Purify, Cleanse, Look Better, Feel Better! Try it Risk Free Today!

  • Detoxify your body now
  • Eliminate harmful toxic buildup
  • Lose excess waste
  • Restore your colon to its natural state
  • Feeling slow and tired?
  • Do your bowel movements cause your family to run and hide?
  • Are you constantly ill?
  • You’re colon is probably the culprit!

It’s a fact – the American lifestyle is unhealthy. Look around you. How many overweight, sick, noxious people do you see everyday? You may be one of these people! Now is the time to make a change. Get a clean, healthy, toxin-free colon and enjoy life again. You’ll lose impacted, disgusting fecal matter quickly and completely. You’ll feel energized and alert plus you won’t be carrying around extra waste. You’ll look great too! How can this be possible you may ask yourself? It’s simple to do yet most people don’t try.

Cleanse your body from the inside out

IntraCleanse is a revolutionary product designed to eliminate impacted, toxic fecal matter from the colon completely and effectively. You can restore your health and your energy to their once youthful levels! IntraCleanse contains only the most effective, gentle ingredients professionally blended to provide real results that you’ll see! Lose excess unnecessary waste quickly and completely.

Allow your colon to absorb and process nutrients efficiently

This is a life-changing product. You should only use IntraCleanse is you seriously want to change your life. This product is guaranteed to work or your money back. If you’re looking for a real solution to your problems look no further. IntraCleanse is the simple choice for real results. Detoxify your body from the inside out. Anecdotal evidence concludes that a toxin-free, healthy lifestyle will maximize your health. You’re faced with toxins and bad food daily. Do you really know what you’re eating? Get it out of your body completely and efficiently. IntraCleanse works! You’ll feel refreshed, alert, and ready for the day. Some customers even tell us they feel “lighter” on their feet!

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ScanCafe $150 of free scanning

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
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Curves $100 Savings

Monday, May 18th, 2009

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to get the motivation you need. That’s why we’re offering you more than $100 in savings to try CurvesSmart, our new personal coaching system that gives you moment-by-moment feedback and detailed progress reports to help you get the results you want. Join today, and we’ll give you 50% off the service fee and 30 days on us. Get your FREE fitness plan today.